What you should be looking out for when renting a Mykonos villa

Mykonos is truly a very unique and special holiday destination. It is the place where one can spend his nights parting in the best clubs and the day rubbing shoulders with Hollywood superstars and supermodels at the island’s famous beach bars. In other words, if you are looking for a truly fun and extravagant vacation destination, then Mykonos is definitely the right choice for you. As you can probably tell, Mykonos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece and even Europe in general, during the summertime.

If you are thinking about visiting Mykonos, then you should try to make your stay there as unforgettable as possible, which is why we strongly suggest that you stay in a Mykonos villa instead of just renting a hotel room. It might seem crazy, but renting Mykonos villas is not that expensive, especially if you visit the island with your friends, in which case you can split the cost between you and thus spend less than what you would pay for a regular hotel room.

It goes without saying that although renting a villa isn’t that hard and pretty much anyone with spare time, a computer and an internet connection should be able to do it, there still are some things that one should look out for. What we mean by that, is that you should make absolutely sure that you will be getting exactly what you booked and paid for, in order to not run into any bad surprises that could ruin your holidays.

Demand a comprehensive list of features

When browsing sites belonging to property management agencies, it can be easy to lose track of the villas and their features. So, before you book your villa, you should single out a few listings and ask more detailed information about them. This information should focus on things such as features, perks, square footage, amount of rooms and of course the number of persons the villa can accommodate.  

Make sure that the price is final

The rates listed on some property management sites usually come with some fine print attached. This means that some of the features that you thought were included in the price are actually charged extra. Because of that, it is imperative that you ask what the rate covers before you finalize your booking. If something that you deem really vital for your vacation – like breakfast for example – isn’t included in the daily rate, you should ask how much it would cost to include it. If the cost of all the extra features that are necessary for you starts getting out of control, then the villa is simply not for you.

Check the villa’s location on a map

The major selling point of most villas is their privacy. Most of them can be quite secluded and far from big towns and villages. This is ideal for stars trying to escape the paparazzi, but it may not be ideal for you, especially if you don’t intend to rent a car, which means that you will be relying on public transport to get around the island. In any case, knowing where the place you will be staying is located is of vital importance.

Ask whether the villa comes with a staff

Most villas in Mykonos are really hard to maintain and take care of, which is why they usually come with a staff which includes maids and chefs. It’s important that you ask whether the villas that you are interested in are staffed and whether their services are included in the price. There’s nothing like getting to a huge villa and not being able to find the bathroom or use the high tech kitchen appliances.